~ Who "we" are (tribal roster)

~ Location (latitude & longitude)

~ Contact info (smoke signals)

~ Why we do it (tribal initiative)

Who "we" are (tribal roster)

Okay, most of the time, the "we" is me. My name is John Lawler and this is what I do because I love creating multimedia. I've been an artist since my great-grandmother (herself an artist) handed me a crayon to see what I could do. When computers appeared on these shores, it didn't take long for me to merge computers with my artwork, and to continually meddle with more and more types of media.
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For larger projects, the tribe sends out the smoke signals to several neighboring tribes (multimedia associates) for a gathering of chiefs. This upscale-ability is essential in the ever fluctuating world of multimedia. Timeframes and team sizes are accounted for in any contract that is presented.


Location (latitude & longitude*)

We are situated in the Sierra Nevada foothills just above Chico, California, in what used to be the heart of the "gold country" back in the forty-niner days (there are still many private claims owned by miners in the area). We are surrounded by tall pines, spectacular buttes, cool rivers and dirt so red that sneakers don't stay white very long. They don't call it Paradise for nothing... our address is:

Dub Imagery
1627 Eaglet Way
Paradise, CA

*LAT/LON (39.78924, -121.58519)

Although I prefer to be able to meet "person-to-person" with clients, I am more than happy to meet with you "online" and conduct business over the web. (security deposit necessary)


Contact info (smoke signals)

I can be reached either by phone or direct e-mail. Please allow 24 hours for response. (A lot of work is conducted by the light of the moon - especially during the scorching summer months!)

Office: (530) 872-3970
Mobile: (530) 521-3962

E-mail: dubguy@dubimagery.com


Why we do it (tribal initiative)

Our goal is to create a more global artistic vision - let's make the world (and especially the world-wide web) a more beautiful place. We also believe that a One-World, One-Tribe philosophy is within our reach, and we provide discounts to organizations or individuals that promote unity, environmentalism or education. Please see the Prices page for more details.



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