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 My name is John Lawler (of the clan O' Leathlobhair - of the seven septs of Leix). I am the eldest brother of three. Below are a few pictures of me (more to come - scanner is broken) and some of my interests...

My brother Travis and Sister-In-Law Tiffany,
Dad (Craig), me,Mom (Crystal)
and my other brother Curtis,
enjoying the scenery in Alaska.

  • Art - I've been something of an artist for many a year now - traditional and digital. You can see some samples on the Gallery page on this site.
  • Music - I love music - without it I'd go nuts! I sing and play bass guitar, as well as percussion or darn near anything I can get my hands on. I started out singing in heavy metal bands in the 80s - but most nu-metal is horrible, and these days I listen to reggae the most. In fact you can usually find me at the big festivals in Nor-Cal.

At Reggae on the River! (rare moment without my shades!)

  • Outdoors - hiking and exploring with my best buddies - my dogs Pancho and Summer!
  • Travel - Oh yes - one of my favorite pastimes, which I often try to combine with my love of hiking/exploring. So far I've had the pleasure of cruising the Caribbean (twice) down to the Panama Canal, and once to Alaska. I've been to Hawai'i and Mexico several times and still have places to explore! I've also been (with my brother Curtis) to London, and the surrounding countryside, including Avebury, Stonehenge, Avoncliff and Strattford upon Avon. From there we went to Paris (where we saw can-can girls and even a reggae concert!). We finished off that trip in Italy - one night in Venice (HEAVEN!), followed by a day in Florence and finishing in Rome and the Vatican City. Oh yeah - and a side trip to Tivoli and Hadrian's Villa - another magical journey! More to come...

In Las Vegas for the New Years celebration in 2000 with
Rich Nettleton and Dave Maurice!




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