As the warm tradewinds blow off the South Pacific, gently caressing the palms swaying along the white beaches of this tiny island paradise, a native family sits on their porch, working as one to create what are undoubtedly the world’s most beautiful and unique kites (Layang-Layang as they are known to the natives who developed them hundreds of years ago to be used in competition with other villages). This is the same family that makes kites exclusively for the Into Paradise line.

   Each kite is meticulously hand–made in brilliant colors inspired by the birds and flowers indigenous to these islands. No machines, no assembly lines, no computer enhanced color systems. Only a craft passed from generation to generation over the centuries with each member of the family specializing in his or her own particular discipline, one the frame, another the skin, and another the detailed coloring. It’s an artform they perform religiously. In fact the dragon kite designed by Into Paradise actually had to be blessed by the high priest before it left the island.Here at you will find our catalog featuring samples of the various kites in our inventory. Each kite comes in several different sizes as well as colors.