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VRML Panoramics

VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) has been around for quite some time now in one form or another. While it is usually used for real estate companies to showcase new properties, I like using it as a way to transport people to someplace different... here are some samples that I did recently in Hawai'i (I'll post more in the future!).Click the image to open the panoramic, and then you "click and drag" inside to turn around...

Kapuaiwa Grove

The royal coconut grove on Moloka'i, planted by Kamehameha V in the 1860's, is a fabulous place to catch the sunset...

Pe'pe'opae Trail, Kamakou Preserve

You really feel as though your walking through time, millions of years ago, just waiting for the dinosaurs to pop out around the corner. It was incredible taking this boardwalk hike (stay on the trail!)


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